Creating a high-growth, sustainable business in Emerging and Frontier Markets is no easy task. Data can be hard to find, if not misleading. Building an investment thesis can drain precious time and resources. Knowing how to move from research to action can require layers of on-ground intelligence, domain expertise and local networks.  

At 3/1 Global Research, we provide unvarnished market research, analytics, strategic advice and investment support to a global client base. Since 2004, we have worked with a select group of leading multinational firms, start-ups and venture-backed growth companies, universities and global investment funds across three continents, with a primary focus on education and human capital industries. 

To meet the challenges of a diverse client base, we deploy globally distributed experts who combine the latest qualitative and quantitative research techniques, experience on the ground, and proprietary data and networks to fulfill a wide range of client demands across three key practice areas:


  • Demand sizing, segmentation, and forecasting

  • Market/geographic feasibility and prioritization

  • Competitor valuation

  • Investment options and sourcing

>> Predictive Analytics

  • Consumer insight surveys

  • Preference modeling

  • Discrete choice and positioning analysis


  • Business model formation and execution

  • Partner optimization, targeting and negotiation

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Valuation and financial modeling

We also provide occasional papers and briefs on topics related to the impact of education, economics and investment across global markets. 


The Rise of Human Capital, Digital Access and the Emerging Consumer

In the 21st century, human capital has become the cornerstone of sustainable, equitable and robust economic growth.  From China's rebalancing toward innovation to the number of students leaving Nigeria's shores to study abroad, today's global brain race is being driven by new ideas, enabling technologies, partnership networks, media platforms, and cost competitivness.

The stakes for countries, companies and investors are high. With global education and media spending estimated to exceed US$12 trillion by 2020--and the private sector playing an increasingly critical role in its delivery--the opportunities around the developing world are immense and unprecedented, but so are the challenges.  

Our aim has always been to provide clients with a level of uncommon insight, data and hands-on experience necessary to drive both meaningful decisions on the ground and measurable returns to stakeholders.  

3/1 Global Research works with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to middle market and growth firms, leading universities, and investment funds who are active in education, media and information industries. As an independent advisor with no outside shareholders, we offer unbiased analysis, timely advice and deep execution experience. 

In 2040 we will no longer be speaking of emerging, but rather of emerged markets, other than those that may have collapsed or stagnated.

— Hubert Vedrine

What We Are Achieving

  • Delivering solutions to clients across many competitor profiles: corporations, technology growth companies, media platforms, universities, financial investors and governments.

  • Diversifying our domain experience across human capital, technology and consumer applications and the industries of the future. 

  • Forecasting mobility trends and the markets, services and companies to provide real-time data and assessment.

  • Bringing regional expertise across Asia and emerging markets, including focused studies and investment work in China, India, Vietnam, and across the Asia-Pacific and dynamic regions of Africa.  

  • Creating new competitive models and M&A opportunities through existing and new relationship networks.

  • Bringing thought leadership to executives, universities and start-up entrepreneurs.