For many technology-intensive start-ups, the addressable market includes not only the US but a set of high-growth consumer markets around the world.  Yet start-ups face a steep learning curve when going global that includes a lack of market knowledge, poor planning, and insufficient leveraging of resources. The result can often lead to missed opportunities that are critical to growth or misguided strategies that are ill-conceived, badly executed and costly. 

Start-ups need to create an institutional and executive environment that constantly learns, pivots and engages with global opportunities.  To get it right, we offer entrepreneurs and managers a unique perspective on accelerating growth and mitigating risk in some the world's most rewarding but challenging markets through access to ideas, entry strategies, capital, networks, business development and research expertise.


Executive Education

Our executive education, lectures, workshops and coursework on emerging markets have been delivered at universities (UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Baylor University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and China Open University); to government agencies (Provincial Governments, Ministry of Education, and others in China and Southeast Asia); and a range of investment and business conferences. 

  • Workshops
  • Tailored programs and lectures
  • Short executive courses



We advise a select group of US-based start-ups which we think can have enormous impact on emerging economies, with the following support activities: 

  • Creating market assessment and execution plans that lead to practical, immediate in-country presence.
  • Leveraging international resources and expert networks.
  • Developing low-cost expansion options including licensing, export/sales channels, and platform alignment
  • Assessing high impact partnerships and strategic investments 
  • Mitigating risk 

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